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Ophidia Super Mini Bag



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Introducing the GUCCI Ophidia Super Mini Bag, a chic addition to the renowned Ophidia line. Crafted from beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas with brown leather trim, this compact accessory features iconic Double G hardware and a stylish Web stripe. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap for versatile wear. With its zip closure and internal keychain hook, this bag ensures both security and convenience. Made in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, it measures 6.5″W x 3.9″H x 3.5″D and weighs approximately 0.7lbs. Perfect for fashion-forward individuals, it comfortably fits essentials like the iPhone Pro, Airpods, small wallet, and lipstick. Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of GUCCI.

  • Beige and ebony GG Supreme canvas
  • Brown leather trim
  • Gold-toned hardware
  • Green and red Web
  • Cotton linen lining
  • Double G
  • Internal keychain hook
  • Leather top handles with 1.8″ drop
  • Shoulder strap with 21.3″ drop
  • Zip closure
  • 6.5″W x 3.9″H x 3.5″D
  • Weight: 0.0.7lbs, approximately
  • Made in Italy
  • The model is 5’8″ tall
  • Fits up to: iPhone Pro, Airpods, small wallet, and lipstick
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