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Double Match Poplin Shirt



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44 XXS 34 36 44 44.5 cm 86 cm 90.5 cm 74 cm 91 cm
46 XS 36 38 46 45.5 cm 87.5 cm 94.5 cm 78 cm 95 cm
48 S 38 40 48 46.5 cm 89 cm 98.5 cm 82 cm 99 cm
50 M 40 42 50 47.5 cm 90.5 cm 102.5 cm 86 cm 103 cm
52 L 42 44 52 48.5 cm 92 cm 106.5 cm 90 cm 107 cm
54 XL 44 46 54 49.5 cm 93.5 cm 110.5 cm 94 cm 111 cm
56 XXL 46 48 56 50.5 cm 95 cm 114.5 cm 98 cm 115 cm
58 XXXL 48 50 58 51.5 cm 96.5 cm 118.5 cm 102 cm 119 cm
60 XXXXL 50 52 60 52.5 cm 98 cm 122.5 cm 106 cm 123 cm
62 XXXXXL 52 54 62 53.5 cm 99 cm 126.5 cm 110 cm 127 cm

The PRADA Double Match poplin shirt in yellow brings together two iconic prints, “Bananas” and “Tweed”, in a bold and contemporary design. Crafted from stretch cotton, this shirt features an oversized boxy fit with a distinctive bowling collar and classic breast pocket. With short sleeves and a straight hem, it exudes a timeless yet modern aesthetic that is synonymous with the brand’s DNA. Finished with mother-of-pearl button closure and printed logo details, this imported shirt stands at a height of 72cm, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe.

  • «Bananas» and «Tweed» prints
  • Oversized boxy fit
  • Bowling collar
  • Classic breast pocket
  • Short sleeves
  • Straight hem
  • Mother-of-pearl button closure
  • Printed logo
  • Height: 72cm
  • Imported
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