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Fil De Camélia Necklace


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Presenting the CHANEL FIL DE CAMÉLIA NECKLACE, a stunning jewelry piece that harmoniously blends elegance and artistic expression. Crafted from the finest 18K yellow gold, this necklace pays homage to the timeless beauty of the iconic camellia flower.

This exquisite creation is inspired by the vision of renowned jewelry designer Lorenz Bäumer. The camellia motif, delicately fashioned from 18K yellow gold, takes center stage, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship that defines CHANEL’s legacy of sophistication.

The FIL DE CAMÉLIA NECKLACE is not merely a piece of jewelry; it is a wearable work of art that captures the essence of nature’s beauty. The golden hues of the necklace exude warmth and radiance, adding a touch of luxury to any ensemble.

Wearing the CHANEL FIL DE CAMÉLIA NECKLACE is an invitation to indulge in the timeless allure of the camellia flower, a symbol deeply rooted in CHANEL’s design heritage. This necklace seamlessly fuses artistic inspiration with opulent craftsmanship, making it a cherished addition to any jewelry collection. Embrace the essence of elegance with this exceptional creation that embodies the spirit of CHANEL.

  • 18K yellow gold
  • a creation by Lorenz Bäumer
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