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Small Shield Zip Wallet



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Introducing the Burberry Small Shield Zip Wallet in timeless black, a sleek accessory that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Crafted from premium grainy leather, this zip wallet features a distinctive folded shield shape, adding a contemporary touch to your essentials. The compact design is adorned with an embossed Equestrian Knight Design and a B-cut zip pull, showcasing Burberry’s iconic detailing.

Secured with a zip closure, this wallet offers a well-organized interior with four card slots, an interior slip pocket, and two coin compartments. The hand-painted edges and brushed metal hardware emphasize the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The embossed Equestrian Knight Design adds a classic Burberry motif, making a subtle yet sophisticated statement.

With dimensions of 15 x 9.5cm, this Small Shield Zip Wallet is designed for convenience without compromising style. The wallet is crafted with an outer layer of 100% leather, an inner layer of 100% lambskin, and a lining made of a cotton and polyurethane blend. Made in Italy, this accessory reflects Burberry’s renowned craftsmanship and is a perfect addition to your curated collection of essentials. Elevate your everyday style with this exquisite Burberry creation.


  • Zip closure
  • Four card slots
  • Interior slip pocket
  • Two coin compartments
  • Hand-painted edges
  • Brushed metal hardware
  • Embossed Equestrian Knight Design
  • 15 x 9.5cm/5.9 x 3.7in
  • Outer: 100% leather
  • Inner: 100% lambskin
  • Lining: 78% cotton, 22% polyurethane
  • Made in Italy
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