Green Loong

Eco-friendly handmade embroidered stuffed toy from Qiandongnan, Guizhou, China.

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Vivid & Lifelike

Green Loong Plush Toy

Propitious & Lucy

Green Loong's design incorporates numerous elements of traditional Chinese culture. The decoration on the forehead, combining jade and yellow jade, symbolizes "protection" and "blessing" in China and was historically reserved for royalty.

The bold red eyebrows paired with eyes in red, purple, and blue symbolize "warding off evil spirits" in Chinese culture. These intricate details are intended to bring peace and luck to the wearer.

Every stitch weaves a soul. The Green Loong plush toy goes through 19 steps from sketch to finish, requiring 119 hours of meticulous hand-sewing by experienced craftsmen.

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Details Reflecting Everything

From the side, we can observe even more intricate details. The large, soft, and elongated whiskers made of mercerized cotton resemble lightning.

The red wings shaped like lightning bolts, along with the bright yellow horns on the head, combined with various embroidery techniques, make the Green Loong appear more three-dimensional and majestic.

Organic Plant Dyes

The fabric of Green Loong comes from traditional handwoven cloth made by ethnic minorities in Guizhou. It is soft to the touch with a subtle grainy texture. The colors are created using environmentally friendly and harmless plant-based dyes. Each Plush Toy's surface has a unique color and texture.

Handmade with Care

The stitching is natural; the cotton filling is firm. Each Green Loong is crafted by a different ethnic minority artisan, making it not just a plush toy, but a cultural and artisanal heritage.

Green Loong Left Image

In traditional Chinese culture, bright yellow represents "wealth" and "royalty," a color reserved only for the emperor.

This Green Loong features yellow beads on its eyes and forehead, as well as at the tips of the extended antennae, mimicking the crown worn by ancient Chinese emperors.

Green Loong Right Image

Mythological Design

As the foremost of the Four Auspicious Beasts in ancient Chinese mythology, Green Loong's design was inspired by extensive references to ancient texts.

From the details on its back, you can see that its form is composed of elements from real animals: the horns of a deer, the scales of a fish, and the ears of a rabbit. These elements are believed to ward off evil, avert disasters, and bring blessings.

Come With Gift Box

2024 is the Year of the Dragon. This exquisite embroidered loong plush toy symbolizes wisdom and good fortune, bringing the wearer a whole year of luck.

Detachable and easy to store and clean

The head, body, and mouth couplets of Green Loong can be easily detached. You can even DIY a new body or a head with a more expressive face.

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From a Creative Team of Guizhou Ethnic Minorities

Green Loong is designed to preserve cultural heritage and to help families and children in the impoverished areas of Guizhou's Miao ethnic minority. The women involved in the embroidery of this product have an average age of over 53, with the oldest being over 78. Every purchase you make provides them with dignified work and helps improve the lives of this ethnic minority.



Tie-dyed fabric, Egyptian cotton, cotton, pom-poms, agate, wood, beeswax, jade, felt, suede, seed beads.


16 * 15 * 19 cm (Height * Width * Long)


Suitable for 6 years old +


Needs 22 - 26 hours (Available for DIY customers.)

Gift Box

Packaging with gift box, great for special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allergic to sensitive skin?
  • All materials used in the Green Loong plush toy have been rigorously tested, including the surface dyes, ensuring they are harmless to children and sensitive skin. They will not cause allergic reactions.
  • If you need further information, please contact the LP customer service team for confirmation.
Can you send all material and I finish it on my own?
By default, we send finished products. If you need a DIY kit, please contact our customer service team. We will send you a parts kit, and you can complete it yourself with our instructional videos, typically requiring 22-28 hours of work.
Can you offer spare parts?
The DIY kit comes with some extra spare parts by default. If you need more, please contact us.