Together, we can nurture the growth of our brand, creating a collective impact that resonates with eco-aware consumers and shapes the future of sustainable living.


Registration Procedure


Submit Application

Eligibility Review

Registration information is reviewed

Being a Potential Dealer

Once you pass the eligibility review, we will contact you by phone or email to discuss further

Review Terms & Sign Contracts

Both parties reach a cooperative agreement and sign contracts

Become an Official Dealer

You are now an official dealer, our staff will contact you to begin working together

A Promising Business

Join us and move the world forward

LIME PHOENIX is committed to our platform and ecosystem strategy. We are always improving our Sales Partner Program, to help our partners make the very best use of their market coverage. We help small businesses succeed in their future.

More Supports, More Incentives

We share success with partners

LIME PHOENIX offers its sales partners better commercial terms, training, joint marketing, and cooperation opportunities: the perfect resources to grow your business. Being integrated, share success with partners fair, just, transparent, and simple approach.

We Do What We Promised

LP's team will hold regular meetings with customers to analyze business data and help customers increase sales

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All LIME PHOENIX partners have different levels of our enablement & marketing support, transaction & financing training and support.

LIME PHOENIX Partner requirements

There are some pre-sale & post-sale requirements and sales performance threshold for being a LIME PHOENIX partner.

Note: Benefits and requirements of LIME PHOENIX Partner Program might be subject to local adaption in accordance with local laws and policies, shall only serve as referencing guidelines and shall not constitute any commitment of LIME PHOENIX. For further information. you may contact local channel managers.